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“The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.”

  • A Tribute To My Pilates Mentor: Romana Kryzanowska

    A Tribute To My Pilates Mentor: Romana Kryzanowska

    There are certain events in your life that make an indelible impression in your memory. One such encounter for me was, the very first time I entered the Pilates Studio of New York in 1998 and was mesmerized at the unfolding scene. The room I saw was filled with 9 reformers (Pilates equipment) and 9…

  • Not A Carbon Copy

    Not A Carbon Copy

    This article is somewhat different from others I have posted. It is a confession in a way. I have been a teacher and a passionate believer of the craft I espouse since 1997. Throughout those years I have honed and searched for the most perfect cues and the most efficient modifications and basically, the safest…

  • My happy place

    My happy place

    Fall is a season of introspection and reflection. It’s a changing of seasonal colors and moods and this can affect our thoughts and feelings as we know the grace and warmth of summer will fade and darkness of night comes all too soon. Just like children, freedom seems determined through enjoyable pastimes outdoors and routines…

  • The Most Elegant Sport

    The Most Elegant Sport

    Recently I attended the Hampton Classics in East Hampton and aside from glorious weather, the event is absolutely wonderful. I am not a novice to equestrian sports as my daughter was an avid rider, but one has an opportunity to stand back to watch and critique as a complete bystander. There are so many events…

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