My happy place

Fall is a season of introspection and reflection. It’s a changing of seasonal colors and moods and this can affect our thoughts and feelings as we know the grace and warmth of summer will fade and darkness of night comes all too soon. Just like children, freedom seems determined through enjoyable pastimes outdoors and routines of school and responsibilities become ever present.

I remember several times throughout my life, being advised to “go to my happy place” when I felt overwhelmed or anxious. It may seem very simplistic, but, everyone has one. It may be different from one person to the next as our comfort zones are as varied as our fingerprints.

I believe that my place of comfort is in being fortunate enough to have been taught by very wise and knowledgeable teachers. I have made it a work of passion and love to impart that knowledge and appreciation to those I have encountered. Whether it is through dance or pilates or a love of the arts, I focus on these aspects everyday.

It is through that laughter and surrounding oneself with happy and positive thoughts that can cure or ward off disease… Being pleased with your profession is definitely a blessing and a happy place for me to dance/teach/and be in.