Starting a New Beginner’s Class

First class is Wednesday at 3:30. You must reserve your spot! Please contact me at 516-319-4915.

Starting this week, I am happy to announce that I will be adding a brand new class to the existing schedule at my studio. This will be a Beginner class. It will be a slower paced class in which terminology of the pilates syllabus is thoroughly focused on. The perfecting of these beginner exercises will come later on and is/will not be the focal point.

There is much imagery and verbal cueing that is learned in a beginner level class and that will be the foundation to move more quickly at a later time. It will consist of mat and tower exercises and occasionally other pieces of equipment when it is deemed necessary to illustrate a movement and how to attain it, if at first, it is too difficult.

The class day is not yet set for a permanent slot in the schedule but, it is weekly… The time will be at 3:30 and will be an hour long. I encourage people who have never experienced a traditional pilates class ( performed on cushioned mat/tables as opposed to mats on the floor ) to try the class.

Beginner classes are a “stepping stone ” to the next level and it takes a commitment to take class regularly because it is like “no other system” ever conceived!