Go back to our roots

When I first got a glimpse of this commercial, I was fascinated. As far as it being actually relatable to bnb’s might be debatable. But from my perspective of being a seeker of helping people correct poor walking habits, it was so plain and simple and doable.


We can watch a baby walking across the floor, still in its initial stages of missteps, arms flailing to steady themselves, and we are amused. They are not stiff in their joints and they don’t have hips which already makes their walking better than how adults evolve into their walking patterns.

Babies walk through the action of propelling themselves forward from the back of their knees. When that action comes ahead of the trunk it facilitates rolling off the balls of the feet and then the rest of the trunk comes along. I loved the baby’s speed in processing and maneuvering through the hallway with the front door in sight. How delightful! The intent was to move forward….not haphazard actions at all.

The lesson is that we should slow down and walk more thoughtfully. Roll through the balls of the feet takes extra time and thought. Most people nowadays are always running late and trying to catch up or walking with no specific intent. So we must think of how we walk even when just strolling along. Maybe that endeavor is too much work for some but it really makes a difference in the feet , and hence the legs. It begins to propel the knee and heel to lift together instead of being “dragged” along. That process can get tiring very quickly and when the feet hurt, Knesset and hips can easily get misaligned.

Looser limbs, lighter feet, torso propelling forward and then we are engaging our core better. Now get out there and practice walking!