The New Frontier of Exercise

Being a Pilates teacher for 19 years plus, the classical technique I have honed throughout my career has blossomed into areas of discovery I never dreamt were possible. I can still remember observing professional dancers practicing their Pilates exercises as Romana Krazanowska tutored them. I was so impressed with their fluidness and accuracy with the transitions between each movement. It was mesmerizing and actually more of a performance than a workout session.

Fast forward to 10 years later and teaching mat classes, privates, taking seminars to learn and accumulate different aspects of master teachers far and near. There are aspects of techniques indicative of regions such as the west coast versus the east coast. Essentially, modes of learning can be pulled from a syllabus and intertwined into our original teachers’ vision without disturbing the classical exercise or the sequence of the exercises.

It is remarkable and always challenging to the client to work slowly through some passages and speed up through others so muscles never succumb to a “lazy” comfort zone. I get creative using traditional technique at various speeds so my clients’ levels of expertise are challenged – an experience very similar to listening to an orchestral piece and hearing a crescendo, is quite like the ebb and flow of each class.

Recently, I’ve been watching various football games on TV. At first, I must admit, I was interested in watching the movements of the players and their footwork as they leapt across and up into the stands after a touchdown. Very exhilarating, if not dangerous for the spectators and yet the ease of their movement was very impressive. Not an expert on the game by any stretch of the imagination, I slowly came to realize that some teams completed their passes more accurately than other teams. And these teams had less pile ups which brought the game to an abrupt halt. With enough of these abrupt pile ups of players, the game became slow and oftentimes, boring. Which, of course, brings me to my point for which this entire article is signaling to.

Somehow in the coaching of certain teams ( which will remain nameless ) the players have practiced in a different way. A different way to produce the same outcome the other teams desired to produce but were hindered in some way by outdated exercises off the field. Just goes to show you that old ways can be only good as far as the other team is as equally outdated. Increasing speed and accuracy has to be an outsmarting of the muscles to challenge them to new sequences of hook ups or connections. And the end result can be less fumbles!

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