Less is More

The term “powerhouse” refers to our cummerbund which encircles our ribcage between the waist and hips. In that powerhouse lies the core of our muscles. Easy enough to understand. How to engage it properly while organizing proper breathing and adding to that the possibility of tight hamstrings or hips is a complex feat. On top of that is a built in tempo that is aptly synchronized to fit the movement of each exercise. It becomes a circus of tumbling parts.

To use the body in a expert or efficient manor, stabilizing the most frequently used parts and lightly and freely using the hinge walls of legs and arms is one way to facilitate less expenditure of exertion and disruption of the alignment.

I find it intriguing to discover and teach someone how to feel the sensation of a freedom in their hips or neck and what their range of motion can evolve into.

It becomes a learning curve as well when they can approach another type of sport like golf and realize the form becomes the form becomes the pathway to the proficiency and it’s not all about the “power” after all.