A Real Find

Image by Heidi Horowitz www.heidihorowitz.com
Image by Heidi Horowitz

There is a certain exhilaration one experiences when discovering a real “find”. By that, I mean, your intuition pulls at your heart strings and sparks an immediate affirmation of delight! You know instinctively that this feeling is unique and different from other encounters by which you can form comparative opinions.

Such was the case when my client Heidi Horowitz showed me a few of her photos on her iPhone. With an unaffected humbleness, she stated that she had compiled a catalogue of similar family expressions and poses that had literally spanned generations! To amass such a collection in itself was amazing I thought. I was immediately struck by the depth of this artistic quest for documentation of an infinite family life line. To me, her message conveyed that our loved ones never really leave us as proof through our facial expressions and nuances of head tilts or stances we acquire. Her projector a collage of life was definitely a tribute of generational delight.

At that moment, I remember exclaiming, “you are so talented!” I believed I had discovered a “find”….a talent outside the realms of mundane hobby-like photos and someone who needed to tell an intense story of life.

Heidi’s photography evolved to her wonderfully expressive “Barbie Doll Collectibles” a priceless cinema verite vignettes (which Heidi describes with each title she anoints to her dolls). They express all kinds of feelings and they evoke all kinds of emotions. I am proud to own some of her beautiful pieces and when glancing at them, it reignites my first reaction towards her work…”you must continue to pursue this.”

If my support and validation had any influence on Heidi to continue to delve into this area, then I can take some responsibility for discovering this great “find.” I encourage all to check out her website and see what I saw!